Located in beautiful Mid-Coast, Maine, Ironwood is a licensed residential mental health treatment center and fully accredited school designed specifically for adolescents, ages 13-17. Our program offers intensive therapy along with customized and accredited academics via three interconnected programs focused on stabilization and assessment, treatment, and transition. Ironwood’s broad program structure and modalities, which include equine therapy, horseback/equestrian, outdoor experiential learning, family involvement, and more, meet the needs of teens requiring treatment for emotional and behavioral issues in conjunction with a safe, therapeutic learning environment.

Ironwood combines accredited, rigorous academics with intensive therapy, group sessions, and a host of other adventure and nature-based programs. Treatment is personalized to the therapeutic, emotional, and academic needs of every student so that each individual in the program gets the attention and support they need. This combination of support and instruction in valuable new skills helps students develop confidence, self-direction, and emotional stability that will serve them well wherever they go post-program.



Ironwood is located on nearly 400 acres of beautiful farmland in Morrill, Maine. Ironwood’s location allows students to experience the benefits of immersion in nature firsthand, while also offering the targeted academics and therapeutic support that lead to significant growth for students.
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Program Design

Ironwood Maine’s clinical program takes place over 9 to 12 months and is based on positive behavioral development via tailored treatment. At the outset of the program, students are assigned a highly qualified therapist who best fits their growth needs. From there, students’ emotional, physical, educational, and behavioral needs are assessed, and a comprehensive program is developed to meet them.

Ironwood employs proven therapeutic techniques, like cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, to help students resolve emotional challenges and achieve lasting positive change. Students also work with animals and engage in directed therapeutic work in nature with staff and their peers. Through daily interaction with students, Ironwood’s licensed therapists develop strong relationships with each student. This leads to more engaged students and more student growth throughout the program.

Like the therapeutic work that students participate in at Ironwood, academic support is also personalized to each student’s needs. Ironwood’s academic program, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), pairs education directors with students and families to meet each student where they are with targeted coursework and support. College preparatory academics are combined with experiential learning to promote hands-on growth in a variety of subjects. Students can also take advantage of distance learning opportunities to better accommodate their academic needs and situations.

What Sets
Ironwood Apart?

Ironwood Maine’s unique emphasis on learning through hands-on interaction with nature equips students with countless opportunities for growth in new skills. This important work is combined with intensive therapy and academics, both of which target the particular challenges each student is working through. The quality and extensiveness of therapeutic support at Ironwood are unmatched. Ironwood’s Student Mentor Program, in which graduates return to Ironwood to guide students through the program, also creates a uniquely supportive, structured, and motivating environment for current students.

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