Ridge Residential Treatment Center

Located in the scenic beauty of southeastern New Hampshire, our expansive 350-acre campus houses Ridge RTC, a specialized residential program for teens requiring therapeutic support and evaluation. Ridge RTC provides a supportive and caring environment for teens who need more intense care than they can receive at home, at school, or in a traditional residential setting. Our programming focuses on stabilizing, evaluating, and preparing teenagers for a happier and more productive life beyond the program. Contact us to learn more about Ridge RTC and how we can support your teen’s mental health journey.

Therapeutic Support

At Ridge RTC, therapy is comprehensive, consisting of three individual therapy sessions and one family session per week. Our therapists and clinical director work closely with the teens ensuring that both individual and family-related concerns are thoroughly addressed.
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An Enhanced Support Program Tailored for Teens

At Ridge RTC, our primary goal is to address the specific needs of adolescents who require a therapeutic intervention by providing a focused and structured program that prioritizes therapy and increased supervision. We understand that each adolescent we serve is unique and has unique challenges, which is why we offer specialized therapies and treatment activities tailored to their individual needs and strengths.

In addition to our therapeutic interventions, we emphasize creating a nurturing and positive environment at Ridge RTC. Our program is designed to immerse adolescents in healthy and positive lifestyle habits that they can carry forward beyond our program. We believe this approach helps cultivate independence in our clients, helping them develop skills and coping mechanisms to lead successful and healthy lives.

What Sets
Ridge RTC Apart?

Ridge RTC offers a unique mental health residential program designed to provide increased support, structure, and therapy for adolescents and teens. Our program prioritizes therapeutic support and provides a nurturing and supportive environment for those who require more intensive care than they would receive at home or school.

Our facility, located on one of our three campus dorms, features shared bedrooms with 3 individuals per room and a common bathroom with 2 stalls and 3 showers. We also have dedicated dining spaces, a multipurpose room for therapy, psychiatry, and nursing, and a secured space for medication storage.

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