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Paradigm Treatment Centers provides personalized residential psychiatric treatment for teens and young adults from ages 12 to 26. With facilities in Malibu, CA, San Rafael, CA, and Austin, TX, Paradigm has over a decade of experience in helping adolescents address the mental health and co-occurring substance use challenges that are holding them back.

With its small staff-to-client ratio and unique focus on daily individual therapy, Paradigm offers an intensive 35-day program that helps adolescents make great strides in a small amount of time. Paradigm treats teens and young adults suffering from a variety of moderate to severe mental health conditions and challenges, including depression, anxiety, self-harm, and grief. These and related conditions are treated with an approach that takes the whole person into account, with emotional, physical, and spiritual health attended to. Comprehensive, personalized evaluations and a broad range of evidence-based treatment approaches mean that each patient gets the targeted care they need to tackle these challenges and achieve a healthier, happier life.

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Paradigm Treatment’s locations in Malibu, CA, San Rafael, CA, and Austin, TX offer beautiful accommodations and environments that are supportive of recovery. Spacious private estates are surrounded by parks, beaches, and nature, but also offer the convenience of nearby amenities.
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Program Design

Paradigm Treatment’s 30-90-day program places a prime focus on daily intensive individual therapy. Regular, intensive one-on-one sessions offer a compassionate environment where clients can work through mental health and behavioral challenges in minute detail. Weekly group and family therapies also build social skills and help clients solidify the gains made in individual therapy.

Therapeutic support at Paradigm takes many forms depending on the needs of the client. Evidence-based talk therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy are one vital component. These are combined with experiential therapies, which help clients address emotional challenges and build new skills in more active ways. Equine therapy, music therapy, and art therapy are just a few examples. Psychoeducation, which equips clients and their families with essential knowledge about mental health conditions, healthy coping skills, and treatment options, is another key aspect of treatment.

In addition to these therapeutic sessions, Paradigm also equips clients with individualized academic support. Clients participate in academic work five days of the week, with personalized curriculums that address their greatest challenges and get them back on track for success post-program.

What Sets Paradigm Treatment Centers Apart?

The high frequency of therapy delivered, 5 days a week, separates Paradigm from other treatment centers. This daily work is essential in building momentum towards goals and provides an unmatched level of one-on-one attention for clients. The same goes for Paradigm’s multifaceted approach to care, which combines many different treatment modalities and applies them to suit each client’s unique needs. Paradigm’s industry-leading client-to-staff ratio, and its short program length, offer a special level of intensive care that gets clients on a healthy emotional track and prepares them for all areas of life. Clients can achieve these goals without experiencing the disruption to their lives that many longer programs would cause.
paradigm treatment centers


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